We deals in:

Union, Baldt, Spek Pool (N), Byer, Hall, Snug, AC14, etc.

Most of the anchors are spare anchors which are precured from the deck of the vessels at the breaking yards. All anchors supplied from our yard are in ready to use condition & can be supplied to any calling port of your vessels. We have anchor chains of U2 & U3 grade stud links ranging between 28 mm up to 105 mm. These anchor chains can be supplied with certificates precured from the scrapped vessel where these chains are bought.
We can supply these anchor & anchor chains on kg basis depending upon the requirement of the client.

E Waste Procuring Department Coming up soon

We can Sources e-waste.The e-waste from Ship Breaking Yards includes electrical and electronic assemblies, in Huge quantity can supply at very low cost as per the quantity demand.

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