We do regular supplies of Turbochargers and spares to Worldwide reconditioners, dealers & end users. Due to our quality at reasonable rates we are able to maintain a big clientage of these Turbochargers & its spares. All the turbochargers are taken off from the running engines

when engines are dismantled for spares part purpose, so allour turbochargers are precured in running condition. But still these are thoroughly inspected before shipment.

We also undertake complete cleaning, servicing & painting of these turbochargers if required by the clients. All major/minor parts are available used, Recon & new. Our major stock consist of ABB Make turbochargers, but other makes are also available like Sulzer, Napier, MAN,B&W, Mitsubishi etc. Beside complete turbochargers, we also source good quality used/unused parts like tin sealed turbocharger bearing sets, impellers, rotors, casings, inducers, oil pumps etc.

Spare parts for Turbo charges and complete for BBC:

VTR160, VTR161, VTR200, VTR201, VTR320, VTR321, VTR400, VTR401, VTR500, VTR501, VTR630, VTR631, VTR254, VTR354, VTR454, VTR564.etc.

E Waste Procuring Department Coming up soon

We can Sources e-waste.The e-waste from Ship Breaking Yards includes electrical and electronic assemblies, in Huge quantity can supply at very low cost as per the quantity demand.

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