Your Reliable Marine Broker to Find the Best Deal on Vessels

Don't mistake us for a logistics consultant. Circle Marine is your shipping consultancy service to purchase, sell, recycle, demolition, inspection & facilities for vessels & marine machinery!

Our shipping consultancy services business has been progressing by leaps and bounds in Asia, Middle East & Europe. We have come up as a reputed and one only second hand marine machinery and equipment seller in India with over 30 years of experience in the field. Under the guidance of Mr. Naveen K Sehgal, Circle Marine has seen the burgeoning demand of its marine machinery and equipment all across the world.
As an independent marine consultant, we offer a comprehensive range of marine consulting services, standing by you as more than an advisor whom you can trust for all types of marine machinery dealings.

Our Shipping Consultancy Service as a Marine Brokerage focuses on-

We have years of experience in the demolition and recycling of marine equipment. Moreover, we have access to all major markets covering Asia, Middle East and Europe. Our extensive network is capable of tacking records of the major yards and buyers to enable us to compete for the best possible price.
Our experience with brokering within recycling services has given us unmatched expertise in recycling across the world.
We are happy to serve exclusively as a broker, looking for buyers and negotiating for the best price.
We can able to take charge of the entire process of managing your project and handling the required procedures, all the practicalities and the delivery itself.

Contact Our Marine Brokerage Service for

  • Demolition & recycling brokers
  • Pre-purchase inspection of Vessels, equipment and marine machinery
  • Handing and taking over of vessels
  • New building supervision
  • Class surveys inspection
  • Machinery fult troubleshooting
  • Damage surveys of hull, machinery, equipment and permanent fittings and cargo are done at the request of ship owners
  • Reactivation of vessel or offshore rigs
  • Dry dock & survey facilities

Why Choose Us?

As a professional vessel broker, we possess the necessary patience and steadfastness to execute our job in a manner befitting the title allocated to our profession.
Circle Marine's team includes those consultants who are professionally qualified and years of experience in conducting statutory surveys on the behalf of you to help you find the best deal.
Experience of over 30 years in the shipping industry
Capable of executing both sensitive and large projects like shipping of whole-complete engines and performance analysis
Feeling proud to come up as a leading exporter of marine machinery equipment
We have regular clients from large and reputed marine importers of the USA, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Greece, and South Africa.


Is it necessary to conduct dry dock & survey?
In order to maintain the assigned class, all steel ships need to be surveyed periodically. The major hull items are inspected for quality. They are divided into several categories including Annual Surveys, Intermediate Surveys, Docking Surveys, In-Water Surveys, and Special Surveys.
What is the completion of the reactivation period?
Before activation of a vessel, reactivation process is necessary to follow including Records, Insurance, Contract Deployment, Manning Levels, Crew Mobilisation, logistics, sourcing, vessel autonomy and much more.

E Waste Procuring Department Coming up soon

We can Sources e-waste.The e-waste from Ship Breaking Yards includes electrical and electronic assemblies, in Huge quantity can supply at very low cost as per the quantity demand.

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