For Sale

Circle Marine  wish to advise of the availability of the following CCGT Plant.

 1 x Complete 53 MW CCGT Plant.(Year – 2001)


1 x 43 MW GE LM 6000PD Gas Turbine.

Fuel : Natural Gas. Total Package hours – 76k.  (25k on existing Turbine).

Gearbox : Flender Graff.  Generator : 50 Hz, 11kv.

 1 x 10.0 MW Steam Turbine. 1 x Babcock Borsiq HRSG.(dual pressure)

 Date of last operation - 2013. Still Installed. Plant under Preservation Program.


Generator set with the capacity of 612 KVA to run  daily operation taking into consideration an estimated consumption of Amps totalling 1431A

These are the minimum requirements and the capacity should be larger.

The Generator is for the Govt. grid operates on  120V/240V.

Wanted  for complete HFO power plant 50 HZ, total capacity 3 MW.

Please note that we are looking for immediate purchase of a complete HFO power plant 50 HZ total capacity 3 MW.

Plant could be composed of three units 1 MW each or 2x 1.5 MW each but should be on HFO including all equipment and auxiliaries for HFO operation, new unused or used but in excellent working conditions.

Please advise if you have any availability and send us your proposal with full technical specs and detailed scope of supply on FOB basis.

E Waste Procuring Department Coming up soon

We can Sources e-waste.The e-waste from Ship Breaking Yards includes electrical and electronic assemblies, in Huge quantity can supply at very low cost as per the quantity demand.

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